Who we are

A technology company with a mission - to ensure that everyone no matter where they are in the world can participate in the global digital economy.

The Company

We are a Ugandan registered FinTech company that aggregates payments and commerce into a single platform that enables businesses to transact with their customers on any mobile device.

Our story

The year 2012 was the dawn of mobile money and its adoption was accelerating – millions of people used mobile money to send and receive money and soon they were able to pay bills. In fact, Mobile money had more subscribers than bank accounts as the volume of these transactions was larger than that of banks countrywide all in a space of four years. This was an opportunity to finally bring Ugandans into the digital economy as solutions like PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Adyen among others did not support this part of the world. “This” part of the world is unique. It is; Mobile first with regards to digital channels – in fact we could say it is mobile only. There is no legacy, every connection; every digital use case needs to be built from the ground up.The market is eager – its frog leaping from slow, remote, manual processes to cutting edge digital technology and the benefits of going digital usually have immediate and huge impact. So a bunch of bright young Ugandans decided to start a digital only mobile gaming company and watched it grow 5000% in its first year. Gaming is not what they wanted to do – they wanted to solve a bigger problem of ensuring that everyone no matter they were in the world could participate in the global digital economy. In 2014, they handed over management of the gaming company to investors and continued on this much tougher mission.

How we work

The three pillars of our work are (i) Great people (ii) Great partners (iii) Great technology – with that we deliver awesome solutions for businesses and their customers. We strive to work with best talent in different fields of technology, finance and operations. We acquire great partnerships with companies and organizations in the ecosystem with which we can leverage our different strengths and domain expertise. Our people integrate our partners into our payments and commerce platform. We give businesses and platform and platform solutions enabling them to automate their payments and commerce and ultimately increase revenue and/or reduce their costs and general business efficiencies.

Our team

The intelworld management and board has over 40 years combined experience in the technology, finance and business sector. Our team members come from all over the world including Uganda, South Africa, India and the United States.